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you're so punk Casey

Tony Davis

Wow: a truly nice commentary on this patch. This girl writes purdy good. But I'm not here to comment on the commentary; I'm the patch evaluator. And, yes, I'm a little behind; I will backtrack and do my job, eventually.

First of all, what a thoughtful gift this is for one who collects patches; well done, Mr. Boutin. And what a nice patch for a city to offer to those who would want it. One thing that gives a patch quality is the fact that it exists. And yes that does make sense: a patch that exists to own is far better than a patch that doesn't exist. Patch collectors often go places and find that there is no patch to have--a real letdown.
But anyway: should the patch lose points because there is no color? Yes maybe, but no maybe. Maybe it's a wash. "Waltham" looks really good sitting there in the middle; the font is great. I like the historical data on the patch. The graphic above "Waltham" is a little muddled for me--can't quite get the gist of what they wanted to portray. Bottom is better. I know they're trying to get the industrial theme in there, but why not Waltham's watch theme? But I do like the attempt at depicting a theme for the city.

All in all, the patch looks good, and I just can't get over the fact that.......it exists. How could this patch collector remember her time in Waltham via a patch if there was no patch?

I'm giving this patch an 8 out of 10 'cause I want to.


Dad, when you come to visit next month we will travel to Waltham. We will stand on the bridge over the River Charles that connects the city. If you look one way you will see the scene featured in the top: the Waltham-Lowell Industrial System. Than when you turn around you will see the other scene: the Watch Factory.

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