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Tony Davis

Nice, tightly stitched patch. Looks like this is from a really good patch supplier. (I'm guessing from Taiwan?) Great graphics, and I really like the "Mind, Body, Spirit" through the middle.

The blogger writes well about her experience with the karate school. I call it a school because it sounds like much more than simply a business for profit. Sounds like a business that exudes considerable honor; thus, "school" or "academy" is a more fitting moniker.

Full disclosure: I know the blogger personally and am very pleased that she is taking up this karate stuff. I know nothing about karate, but I am glad that she is learning self defense; glad that this karate is contributing to her greater fitness; glad that she is hanging with good people and making more and more friends far away from her home; glad that she is learning the honor that is inherent in the school creed.

I'm giving the patch a very solid rating of 8 based on its tight stitching, great graphics, and overall composition. (Can't give a 9 or 10 because that is reserved for the greatest of patches. See, for example, The Natchez Trace patch.)

Additional: As a kid, I was completely enamored with the television show "Kung Fu," and I recommend to the blogger that she Netflix the series from beginnning to end. A very different kind of good-guy western.

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